Psychotrauma & Crisis Response Unit

Emotional Injuries, just like physical injuries cannot be left untreated! 


Psychotrauma & Crisis Response Unit First of its kind in Colombia

The Psychotrauma & Crisis Response Unit’s mission is to enhance the lifesaving efforts of United Hatzalah Colombia, the largest, fastest, non-profit, fully volunteered, free Emergency Medical Services organization in Colombia. The Psychotrauma & Crisis Response Unit addresses the emotional needs of family members, witnesses and bystanders during and after traumatic situations.

The unit is determined to provide emotional support and stabilization for any civilian who needs it across the country as well as for United Hatzalah Responders after being exposed to traumatic calls. The unit trains mental health professionals who volunteer alongside United Hatzalah Responders in the field at a time of an emergency.


The Psychotrauma & Crisis Response Unit has started a K9 Unit which, as of

today, includes one very special puppy named Lucy. Lucy, the orange-vest-

wearing psychotrauma dog, has assisted people in crises on numerous

occasions by helping bystanders and family members move away from the

traumatic scene by “following” the dog. When there is a medical crisis, the

first step that needs to take place is the removal of the individuals from the

scene. The dog plays an important role in helping our responders remove

individuals from the situation. Once the person or people are removed, they

many times become distracted by and calmed down simply by focusing on the

dog thereby immediately lessening the immediate stress.