Volunteer with us 

Welcome to United Hatzalah of Colombia, if this is your first introduction to us we are very happy to welcome you!    United hatzalah colombia is a free medical and emergency service for all the people in Colombia. we started with a small office in Cartagena, and now we have branches in Manizales, Cartagena, Bogota Villavicencio and Bogota. You will be joining us in one of our offices. 

What will you be doing ? 

you will be helping out in our ambulances, and in our motorbike ambulances, and in some of the hospitals we work with. you will also e helping us doing health camps in some of the local communities. no day is the same with us, we never know what mergence cases we will repined to doing the day! we promise with us you will not only learn how to save a live, you will get to save a life! We are working 24 hours all year around to serve the Colombian people. 

Minimum qualifications ? 

- You will have a basic first aid course 

- you want to help and serve people in need in challenging invoromennts. 

- you understand that doing your shift you will get to see many people in difficult situations. 

-you want to learn the language and the culture 

Many people ask us if they need to study medicine to join us ? the answer is absolutely no. We believe everyone can benefit from learning lifesaving skills, we will supply everyone with a United hatzalah EMT course, so you are ready to help out in the ambulances.  

Tell us why you are the perfect one for this position ? 

- always learning . how do you keep improving ? 

-  responsible and organised, how good are you with deadlines ? how do you handle stress ? 

- 100 human, we are a service 10 procreant human, we are at our best when people are at there worst, we deliver free emergency help to everyone in need. 

If you Believe you are the one for this position, kindly send us your resume and Email to info@unitedrescuecolombia.com and we will get back to you in maximum 24 hours. 




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