Learn First Responder Skills, Save lives and Experience Colombia. We are United Hatzalah Colombia, the fastest and free medical and emergency service for the people of Colombia.

Volunteering with us, you will get practical experience attending to patients and solving real emergencies. You will also visit local homes, provide assistance at festivals, do search and rescue operations in the highlands.

While you train and gain an international first responder certification, you will be another member of our team.

we are not a shadowing program! with us, you will attend real-life emergencies from day 1. We believe what makes a good EMT is hands-on practical experience from day 1. 


During the program you will:

  • Attend emergencies in our ambulances,

  • Patrol with us in our motorbike ambulances

  • Help us with our health camps in local communities.

  • Learn basic firefighter skills. 

You will not only learn how to save a life, but you will also get to save lives! We work 24 hours all year round to serve the Colombian people.

Minimum Qualifications?
-You want to help and serve


We are answeing you from info@unitedrescuecolombia.com so please if you dont get our email after 24 hours look in your spam folder. 

To apply: please fill in the contackt form below or send us an email to: info@unitedrescuecolombia.com 

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Corona Update 

Hatzalah Colombia is still running our internships. we are not attending Corona patients. We are attending Generel emergencies, and we of course use all the protective equipment. Kindly note Colombia is fully open, there is no travel restrictions in place. if your country is shutting down, we can help you get on a free health worker flight to colombia. 


Click on the medal and read about How lindsey joined United Hatzalah Life-saving academy and became the first Intern Volunteer to receive the Medal of Valor. 

Module 1 - Preparatory
Topics covered in this module are: EMS systems, the role of the EMT-Basic, the safety and well-being of the EMT-Basic, legal and ethical issues, basic anatomy and physiology, techniques of lifting and moving patients.

Module 2 - Airway Management
Topics covered in this module are: airway anatomy, airway management techniques, oxygen and oxygen equipment

Module 3 - Patient Assessment
Topics covered in this module are: assessment of the medical and trauma patients, vital sign assessment, taking a patient history, documentation, and communication

Module 4 - Medical Emergencies
Topics covered in this module are: pharmacology, respiratory, cardiac, diabetic, allergy, poisoning and overdose, environmental, behavioral and obstetrical / gynecological emergencies

Module 5 - Trauma Emergencies
Topics covered in this module are: bleeding and shock, soft tissue and musculoskeletal injuries, injuries to the head, neck, spine, chest and abdomen.

Module 6 - Infants & Children
Topics covered in this module are: physical and physiological differences between adult and pediatric patients, pediatric medical and trauma emergencies

Module 7 - Operations
Topics covered in this module are: ambulance operations, rescue and extrication, multiple patient situations, hazardous materials situations

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