Success Stories from Prewies Volunteer students. 


Lindsey Became the first Hatzalah International Volunteer to receive the Medal of Valor.  The Medal of Honor. 


This is with no doubt, not an everyday Story! This is the Story of How Lindsey became the first-ever Hatzalah international Volunteer EMT student to receive the Medal of the valor, the EMT medal similar to the medal of Honor.  

Let's take a look at what the Medal of Valor stands for.  And what it takes to get awarded this prestigious Medal. 

Recognizes an EMT for acts of personal valor or heroism in the delivery of emergency medical care, which results in the saving of life under extreme conditions and/or in extraordinary circumstances. And that is just what Lindsey did! 

We feel so proud to share this heroic event with you. Lindsey and the Hatzalah team were just about entering the 12 hours of their night shift when they on the radio received a call about an active Knife attacker event that was taking place. A man with a machete had attacked numerous people and leaving particularly one person in Critical condition. The police Did not yet have the attacker in custody, and no one knew where the attacker was. Lindsey together with the rest of the Team Decides to move in and save the life of the critical person who was about to bleed to death. They managed to stop the bleed and the patient was transported to the emergency hospital. Later police reports showed that if they had arrived 2 min later, the patient would have bled to death. 


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