When every second count, United Hatzalah Colombia is there. Code Blue. Cardiac arrest. 60-year-old male on the 4th floor. United Hatzalah volunteers arrive within 90 seconds, stabilize the patient, and transport him to the hospital. They’re ready for the next urgent call. Code Orange. Disaster. Multiple Casualties. The call goes out to all EMS responders, police and firebrigade personnel. United Hatzalah volunteers are the first responders to arrive on the scene. United Hatzalah’s iconic ambucycles, ambulances, state-of-the-art communication system, and pioneering GPS technology enable our volunteers to arrive within minutes of emergencies – every time. How do we do it?








Our dispach tegnology draws a virtual perimeter around an incident that has been entered into the system. It then alerts the responders in a predetermined radius to the incident. Each volunteer knows that when the Dispach alerts him, it is because he is in the immediate vicinity of an emergency incident. Complete GPS guidance to the scene and complete recording capabilities ensure that every incident is responded to and recorded. Over 10 thousand emergency calls have been responded to by United Hatzalah Colombia volunteers through this technology and millions more will continue to be served and saved. The Dispach System allows United Hatzalah of Colombia dispatch center to constantly monitor the location of every United Hatzalah volunteer in the country and to send them out based on four criteria:

Who is closest, geographically, to the scene?


Who has the highest level of training, based on the emergency at hand?







Who has the best equipment for this particular emergency?







How is the volunteer traveling: by foot, car, ambulance, etc?

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